The Criterion EC – Yishun Street 51 EC by City Developments (CDL)

The Criterion EC – Yishun Street 51 EC by City Developments (CDL). Register for Showflat and Preview Here

The Criterion EC Showflat Review and Pricing

Real estate and construction companies have been really active in Singapore over the last five or six years. If they have not been building new shopping centres they have been constructing complexes of executive condos or ECs. One of the latest of such projects is the Criterion EC development. With all the building work recently completed, or in the process of being completed it come as no great surprise that the complex is going to be near shopping malls, bus interchanges, and stations in the MRT system. All the important and also the desirable amenities or facilities within close range of development should increase the demand for the finished ECs. That is one of the reasons why there was intense competition to win the land parcel lease in the first place.

The Criterion EC Review and Pricing

The development is in a sound location in terms of being able to sell all the Yishun ECs quickly once these have been put for sale based on The Criterion Yishun floor plans and site plans. The previous condo sites built in similar locations have indeed sold strongly. There is every reason to expect that this project will sell well once the units have been put on the housing market. The plan is to open show condos when the ECs are nearing completion so that potential buyers can be persuaded that buying their piece of luxury can be done at prices that represent tremendous value for their money.

The Criterion EC Showflat and Floor Plans

The luxury and the high quality of the building work by City Developments based on The Criterion EC reviews on forums as well as the pricing should be strong enough reasons for people to buy a condo for themselves and, or their families to live in. The nearby shopping and other amenities are added attractions for buyers. For example if they have to go anywhere they can use Yishun MRT station. They can also reach the Yishun Ten shopping centre or the one at Northpoint.