The Criterion EC – Yishun Street 51 EC by City Developments (CDL)

The Criterion EC – Yishun Street 51 EC by City Developments (CDL). Register for Showflat and Preview Here

The Criterion EC Orchid Country Club Seletar Reservoir

The Criterion EC is a 99-year old leasehold built at the Yishun Street 51 to enable the residents to have a place where they can spend their families during their stay. With the government has approximated that the project will be able to be complete by mid-year 2018 for families looking to buy a place where they can call home. With the bids that were put up, the place will have some of the options for those who would want their families to enjoy some of the excellent social amenities. With the 2888 sqft of land, this place will have some of the best social amenities for those who would wish to enjoy themselves from 501 housing units. The development is near to Seletar Reservoir next to Orchid Country Club.

The Criterion EC Yishun Street 51 Orchid Country Club

With the strategic location of Criterion Yishun CDL that makes it close to some of the common social amenities such as Orchid Country Club and Seletar reservoir, your family will always have a good place to live comfortably. With many schools located in the area such as North Brooks Secondary, Northland Primary and Naval Base Primary schools thus making the people to enjoy their stay, your kids will always go to the best schools. You will always have a place where you can visit during your free time with your families when you need to have fun. Your family will enjoy the nice activities in the place especially when you need to have great times together while bonding.

The Criterion Yishun Seletar Reservoir

With the size of land, which can host a wide number of housing units that can go as many as 501 units, this The Criterion CDL should be a place where you will have fun during your stay. With the close proximity to the Khatib MRT station, all of the residents will always have that easy time whenever they are commuting to town when they want to work. Your family will always have great times when you need to enjoy yourself as a family. The location of Orchid Country Club will enable a family to have fun during their stay.

The Criterion City Developments Limited

This The Criterion Yishun will always provide homeowners with a wide variety of housing units that they can buy depending on size of their families whenever they are looking for a wide range of options. During the purchase, they will always have options of housing units such as 1, 2, 3 and even 4 bedroom housing units making one of the best. The floor plan should have children playing area, a function room, BBQ area, and a family pool that would work for families. The Criterion EC comes with some of the features that would make it among the best place for family residence.